Frequently asked questions.
  What is the objective of ClassTube?
    To provide high quality online training programs and hybrid training programs, where e-learning is one mode of knowledge transfer.
  What are the key features of ClassTube?
    1. Students can subscribe to the courses offered
2. Instructors can offer online training programs
  What are the courses offered by ClassTube?
    For the latest list of programs, click on the Course catalog link on the home page.
  Are all the programs on ClassTube paid programs?
    ClassTube offer both paid programs as well as free programs. The administrators of ClassTube decide on this.
  As a student, what should I do to join for a course offered by ClassTube?
    Please follow the following steps;

1 Register at ClassTube (it is a simple)
2 An email will be sent to you for confirmation. Confirm by clicking on the link provided in the email.
3 Log in using your user id and password.
4 If you have registered yourself as a student, you will be taken to the student’s page, where you can subscribe for the courses and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Complete the course.
5 If you have registered as an instructor, after logging in, you will be guided to the instructor’s page, where you can create your own course.
  I am a subject matter expert and I want to host my own program at ClassTube. What should I do?
    Please follow the following steps;

1 If you are hosting your program at ClassTube for the first time, then register yourself at ClassTube, as an instructor (while registering, the system will ask you to identify yourself as an instructor or student. Choose the instructor option). You will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm. Click on the link to confirm your registration at ClassTube. You will be automatically guided to the Instructor's page.
2 If you are an already registered instructor at ClassTube, then just log in using your instructor user id and password and you will be guided to the instructor's page.
3  Click on the link 'Add new course'.
4 The system will ask you to provide the details of the course you wish to host on ClassTube and some information about you. Please provide this information and click the button ‘Submit request’.
5 We will scrutinize your request within 24 hours (Monday thru Friday we are working Saturday and Sunday are holidays for us). Upon approval of your request, you will receive an email in this regard. And you can login to ClassTube and you will see the name of the course you created in the courses list and with status as ‘work in progress’. Then you can complete the course structure by uploading all the reference material and the online tests. Upon completion of course creation please send a mail to for final approval. At this state the ClassTube administrator approves the course and course becomes live.
6 In case you need any further assistance, to host your programs at ClassTube, please contact us at
  We are a corporate account and we want to subscribe to all/some courses on ClassTube for a period of time, for use by our employees. How to proceed on this?
    Please contact us at
  We want to implement ClassTube behind our firewall. Is it possible?
    Yes. We can install ClassTube on your own server within your premises. If you want to use just the program without / with the existing content, it is fine with us. We can even customize the look and feel of ClassTube, to match your requirements. Please contact us for this.

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