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Welcome to the enlightening world of ClassTube !
At ClassTube, it is our endeavor to make learning more enjoyable, flexible, cost effective and environment-friendly by continuous implementation of innovative ideas and concepts. Within a short span of time, ClassTube has been instrumental in creating successful ClassTubers world wide. As a ClassTuber, you have access to high quality training by brilliant and dedicated instructors who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective area of specialization. The learning is imparted through online videos, reference material, online tests, assignments and discussions with peers and instructors. At ClassTube, you have the opportunity to participate in free programs, paid programs, instructor-led trainings, self-paced learning and learning contests. Be a part of ClassTube now !
Launch your own program at ClassTube
ClassTube is the best choice to make your training programs available to a very large group of people across multiple locations at a fractional cost of conventional classroom training. If you want to scale up your training to a larger audience, then there is a great opportunity for us to work together. The ClassTube team will work with you from the e-learning program design, development and launching. For more information Contact us.


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